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09.29.2014 , 03:37 PM | #234
Going to agree with Darth Wicked. It's poor form. Let's say you're a software company and you're getting ready to announce an expansion. You pick a date for this announcement. You even go so far as to say publicly when abouts this announcement will be.

If you do all this, you're gonna KNOW what's coming in said expansion. It's in the final stages. You can SAY it's three WZ maps, two ops, nine strongholds, three planets, six ships, one companion, whatever. You know this.

If you DON'T, you don't make an announcement.

Only thing that could influence this delay is the release date. Someone missed a deadline and they can't be sure anymore. They're covering bases first.

Not buying this special subscriber perk. At. ALL. That is nothing but fluff, a shiny extra to win over the sentiments.

The real issue is the release date. They're not sure.