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Depends how precise your pull is.

If your ops leader doesn't care to have the pull revolving around a 10 second window that lets you save 15 resources then there's little point, you might end up getting a pull too early or late for the proc to help and if its too early it might screw your opener by the internal cooldown not being done by the time you want to unlock the proc again.

Really not necessary, more of a dummy trick than something you'll find yourself doing in a fight.

However using Hail of Bolts to proc because you failed horribly at timing your Full Auto is an option mid-rotation.

Because channels now only charge your resources per tick, you let the first tick happen which will proc then instantly cancel the channel using the escape key or moving. Thus you get an (almost) instant proc for only 8 energy. You will need to stand still to do it.

If you're thinking about openers then what you need to think about is the 6pc set bonus which autocrits Mag Bolt after you use Full Auto with a limit of once per minute.

Put that in your opener and it's a large banked crit with all the relic procs and your adrenal stacked on it.

The large downside is that a 6pc set bonus is a long way to go for most people so until that comes around try stacking dots (electronet counts as a dot), blowing supercharge for another dot and +10% damage on all dots and get the fight going with a yellow text fountain coming off the target. Then into the rotation.

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