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The flip side of being able to complete those objectives with multiple characters, each in a separate guild, is allowing multiple completion credit for a single player with multiple alts in a single guild.

Player A has 3 55's, each in a separate guild.

Player B has 3 55's all in the same guild.

Player A completes an objective once with each 55, granting credit for that completion, and the appropriate conquest points, to each of those three guilds.

Player B completes that same objective with each 55 he has, but his guild gets three times the conquest points since all those conquest points go to the same guild.

You can say "make it so that a guild can only get credit for a legacy completion one time", but how much extra work and coding would be required to do implement such a limitation? The coding is already in place to limit it to once per legacy, though.

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Is that what the OP is asking for? To kill the 250 npc's (or whatever) and immediately get points for every alt?

I thought he was asking to be able to kill 250 npc's on toon #1, get points on toon #1, then go over to toon #2, kill 250 more npc's and only then get points on toon #2.
If I understand the OP correctly, I think your interpretation of his request is accurate.

In my example, both players A and B complete an objective 3 times, once with each of their 3 55's.

Player A has his three 55's spread across three different guilds, one 55 in each of those three guilds. Each of his three guilds gets credit for one completion and the appropriate conquest points.

Player B has three 55's in a single guild, so his single guild gets three times the conquest points that any of player A's guilds get.

We have enough complaining about the conquest system now. Can you imagine the cries if players with 3, 4, 5 or more alts could give a single guild credit and the appropriate conquest points to a single guild for each of their alts?