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You contradict yourself with how Volt Rush works. In the ability description, you say that the Energize stacks are buffs on you but in some of the tactical item descriptions, it's worded as if the Energize stacks are debuffs on enemies. This is a very important distinction as it heavily impacts target swap capability. I really think it should work as a buff on the player instead of a debuff. Both DPS specs already have enough target swap limitations with Affliction in Lightning and the DoTs in general with Madness. It doesn't need another thing.

It's a little hard to tell how strong the following will be without being able to see the precise damage/healing/percentage numbers of some of these effects.
  • Healing Volts - The usefulness of this item will depend largely on how strong the heal and damage from Volt Rush are. People won't use it if it's a weak heal and won't use Volt Rush if it doesn't deal more damage than Shock and Force Lightning. This tactical is also dependent on healers dealing damage, so this will require accuracy to make use of.
  • Death Channel and Stormwatch don't have different use cases. They're both single target damage increases so which one gets used will depend entirely on which one has a stronger effect. Both of these effects are also RNG-based and Lightning already has an overabundance of RNG effects, which I'm not a fan of, but Stormwatch seems like it would be a cool looking effect so I expect that more (uninformed) players will pick that one even if Death Channel is stronger.
  • Wrath Rushdown - If I'm understanding this correctly, this tactical just lets Wrath work with Volt Rush. It seems the incentive is that you'd use one Force Lightning to proc this ability and then use three Volt Rushes in a row before using Force Lightning again to get ready to proc Demolish's Wrath.
  • All for One and One for All are an interesting pair of tacticals and it will be good to have both, but I feel that they're gonna have to really amp up the healing since Extra Mend automatically provides more AoE or single target healing depending on what's needed and it's a HoT. One for All might be frustrating to use if someone else runs into the circle when you won't want them to. I think it would be better if it just made Revivification single target, this will have to make it a very strong single-target heal since it's a Hot, is very expensive, has a long cast time, and removes most of the sorc's AoE healing capabilities.
  • Ruthless Demolition, Writhing Terror, and Wrath Rushdown are all effectively single target damage increases just like Death Channel and Stormwatch, so which one gets used will be entirely dependent on which provides the strongest overall DPS increase.

Some of them seem much less helpful.
  • Dark Cleanse - Expunge already has a very short cooldown and raid mechanics are all built around that cooldown. There isn't enough that is cleansable in PvP either. You're also spending a very significant amount of time over the course of this cooldown where you aren't doing much healing at all, at least 4.5 seconds (2 Expunges and one Consuming Darkness) but all that for a 3 second cooldown reduction isn't worth it so you either need to spend 6 seconds not healing or this is not a valuable tactical.
  • Liberate and Revitalize - Extrication is rarely used because it's so situational. I don't like the idea of giving this a big heal either because bad healers are going to take this and use Extrication when they shouldn't. Resurgence is already dirt cheap and heals for a small amount so who cares if it's free or heals for more, the purpose of the ability is to get the Force Bending proc and not pay attention to who this gets used on.
  • Preserve Self - The only use I see for this is if it is paired with the Lightning Barrier utility, however this tactical item becomes more useful with the less ticks you get out of Lightning Barrier so its usefulness is questionable. Static Barrier is almost never the difference between life and death for a sorc. Force Barrier is what prevents people from dying if it comes to that. If you're not taking Lightning Barrier, you're either wasting a GCD as a DPS that could be spent towards killing whatever is about to kill you or just heal yourself with your other abilities as a healer.
  • Gathering Storm means that raiders will lose access to on-demand Force Speed entirely and be forced to take Surging Speed for the cooldown reduction on Force Speed to get Polarity Shift as often as possible
  • Energized Overload - This seems lame, I could maybe see this being a 2 piece set bonus but certainly not 4 or 6.
  • All of the Set Bonuses - All of the Set Bonuses need to be reworked.

I also have some other questions about the rationale behind some of the tacticals:
  • Volt Flux - Does Lightning Storm get triggered off a separate rate limit? If not, then this part of the item is pointless because it is already exceedingly easy to proc Lightning Storm. The other piece of the effect seems like a nice increase in AoE damage though.
  • Exhaustion Field - How is this going to work with the Conspiring Force utility that slows players affected by Affliction. If they don't work at the same time, it makes one of them useless.

I'm concerned about some of them wrecking rotations.
  • Dark Consumption - This promotes all sorts incorrectness with force management and is inconsistent in what it consumes. Weary reduces your force regeneration rate while Reverse Corruption increases it, I don't understand why an ability would consume both. You shouldn't be using Dark Heal without the proc because it is inefficient and costly, you shouldn't be incentivized to use an inefficient ability when you're already low on Force. I would say that this would be better if it only consumed Force Surge stacks and made the healing increase work so it's equal or greater to Dark Infusion.
  • Dark Cleanse - Already talked about how this one forces you to spend a lot of time not healing. It also doesn't mesh well with the Dark Consumption set bonus.
  • Wrath Rushdown and Volt Flux, and really Volt Rush in general will significantly reduce the number of fillers in the rotation. For Lightning, this means that Fulgurous Fortification and Charged Reaction will have even less uptime. For Madness, it means Fulminating Current will have less uptime. If you ask me, all of these could be made into passives instead of procs to fix this (and it would be good for all rotation-altering procs to be changed into passives), but at the very least the duration of these needs to be increased.
  • Dark Return will enable Phase Walk to be used to deal damage off the GCD, meaning players will want to use it on cooldown in raids but that will be gross. I'd recommend making it not deal single-target strength damage and put it on the GCD and make the cast time 1.5 seconds so it can't be used in this way.

I really like most of what's been done as effects though. I want to give special attention to:
  • Dark Return - I've wanted this sort of thing for a long time. I hope it looks something like Malgus' Leeching strike ability.
  • Healing Volts - I love getting to DPS and heal at the same time and more naturally incorporate DPSing into healing
  • Stormwatch - This is just gonna look super awesome, so much lightning!!!!!
  • Convection Burst - This is gonna be pretty mandatory in PvP because it makes Thundering Blast much harder to mitigate with an interrupt or roll.
  • Volt Flux - This one will also look equally cool as Stormwatch hopefully so I won't feel bad giving it up in AoE situations.
  • Ruthless Demolition - I really like how you're giving an option for a tactical that allows Madness to be more bursty.