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OK, before you guys get your hopes up, this is just an idea I had. We know how well the last three pictures went and the fan reviews. I know Mr. Lucas has no further connection with LUCASFILM and Kathleen Kennedy BUT I think EA and Bioware could entice the father of "Star Wars" to create the narrative for the next installment of the game. I know this would be a real boon to the game. Iím a subscriber and I for one would love to see what could become of the game if we had Mr. George Lucas designing a story line.

This could be a pivotal point where the movie story line could be headed in the direction where the creator wanted the story to go. While Iím still out of the hands of the men in white coats, hereís another thought. Have Billie Catherine Lourd do the voice over for a new companion that could be included in the new expansion.

What do you says EA and Bioware? Take a Chance?
Mr Lucas; if for some reason you're seeing this thread, stay retired buddy. The original Star Wars was a fluke and Empire is the only thing holding up this house of cards. Star Wars was saved in the editing room George. That's not a secret and only the most delusional and ignorant fans would dispute that. YOUR cut of that movie was an abomination. I'v seen parts of it. You and I are both grateful it never saw the light of day .

You're not a particularly good storyteller anyway and you would be the first to admit it. You walked away with 4 billion dude. Let others preside over this mess. Stay out of it and count your money.

Or! take option two like your dear friend Mr Spielberg - ONLY direct and never ever EVER try writing ANYTHING. Your man Spielberg knows what he's good at and what he isn't good at. If only JJ Abrams weren't so superficial and stupid. He would've taken option 2 also. Good director - terrible writer and storyteller, just like you George! Stay out of the writers room because you don't belong inside it.

Oh damn I forgot. George! LEARN HOW TO DIRECT ACTORS. "Just like that only better" is not enough for an actor. Your directing style is a meme at this point. Rebuild yourself dude. You've got years left. Sure your head now sports a fine mane of silver but you've still got your wits and your health.