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Strange rules. You allow some out-of-combat exploits (sapheal) but not others.
You're right. I will change it. Good catch.

I first created the rules in regards to sap heals in 5.0 when sin/oper was allowed. This was mostly due to the fact that sin/oper duo was not incredibly strong. A double stealth out was incredibly difficult and would require immense coordination so I allowed the sap heal. Now that in 6.0 it is banned, I should ban the sap healing as it can be exploited in a possible 1v1 scenario.

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Assassins are the only class who can't use their best tactical. What if they only stealth for a GCD just to gain recklessness, does that count?
Oh I see what you mean. "Both stealth classes only get 1 stealth out per fight." That was a mistake: a 5.0 era rule that was mostly designed to limit operatives in a 1v1 scenario where the duel would go forever. I have revised it. "Operatives only get 1 combat stealth per fight." Good catch.

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I thought adrenals couldn't be used in PvP instances, strange they're allowed here, what's the point?
Unfortunately, since this tournament will be held in the Rishi Stronghold's PvP Arena, warzone medpacks and adrenals do work. Since there is theoretically no way for us to check if you used a warzone medpack and there are a lot of ways to circumvent a ban on medpacks and adrenals, we thought it better to simply allow medpacks and adrenals.

Again, a lot of these rules are a work in progress. If you see something that is not fair, please bring it up! Having this discussion will only bring us to a more fined tournament.
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