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I recently unsubscribed to TOR. I'm posting this here so other potential TOR buyers can get a non-fanboy review. I know most of you will flame this thread, and if so, thanks for the free bump.

I was an huge fanboy of this game. I started following it back in 2008 when the site was first created. (I didn't make an account until 2010 because I thought you ACTUALLY had to be 18 to sign up for game testing ) I checked the forums on a near daily basis, I followed Rockjaw on Twitter, and I even wrote for TORMag for a couple of issues. I was hooked. I had never been so excited for a game. So, why am I leaving?

Well, let me start by saying some of the things Bioware did were amazing. I have never enjoyed a story as much as I enjoyed my Imperial Agent's storyline. It was absolutely amazing. Plot twists, cliff hangers, I always wanted to know more.

However, this game has some very major flaws at the moment. End game is very broken, in my opinion. PvP warzones are hampered by ability delay and faction imbalance (Huttball.... [Empire constantly get's put in Huttball because it is the only Warzone that is same faction]) Ilum is broken because of rewards and objective swapping. Heroic flashpoints are destroyed by bugs. Operations are damaged by unresponsive, incorrect raid frames. End game was not ready to be released.

Before I played TOR, I played WoW. And, I know many of you are going to tell me to go back to WoW, and I'm going to. I paid $60 for SW:TOR. The same price I pay for Single Player Xbox 360 or PC games. And the single player experience was amazing. Probably one of the best Single Player experiences I've ever had. However, If I'm going to pay $15 a month for an MMO, I want to pay for the BEST MMO available at this time. And unfortunately, that is not SW:TOR. If Bioware gets to work, and fixes what needs to be fixed, this game has amazing potential. Until then, I'm not going to be spending my money on it.

No, you cannot have my stuff.

Edit: All I'm trying to say is that, I don't find it worth my $15 a month to pay this game when I believe that there are better games out there for the same price. This is my personal opinion, and I know some people agree with it. I understand that Bioware doesn't care about "sum stoopid QQer on the forums." And whatever, that's fine. However, I'm not the only person leaving because of these issues. I hope, for their sake and ours, these bugs are addressed.
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