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12.23.2011 , 08:58 PM | #17
Team work in pugs only goes so far. You are forced to move across narrow areas were you get knocked backed or yanked or stunned into oblivion. It always pops. I do fine when I play relative to the people Im playing with. I just hate the warzone with a burning passion. It has taken all the joy of the warzones out of me.

Just because I come here to vent my frustration and disgust over a warzone does not automatically mean someone "sucks" at it. So before being an ****** think about that.

There are many buggy mechanics inside the warzone that will cause people to become stuck or dropped from the warzone.

If you enjoy it fine say you enjoy it tell me why. Im all for hearing why people enjoy it. Dont attack my lack of enjoyment in something you enjoy tho.