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04.02.2019 , 10:46 PM | #6
Instead of reading articles on trash sites like Kotaku, maybe you should watch what the developers actually tell you:

Anthem and SWTOR have different teams. Some people work on both, but they do not affect one another. They are different teams.
6.0 news will probably come on the star wars celebration as they pretty much confirmed (asterisk as things happen).

This game has already clearly changed. It returned to a multiplayer focus with story mixed in. Iokath was the first step in that direction, Ossus is the confirmation.

Finally, i may be biased but i do not enjoy shooter looters. Honestly, not even the single player ones. I did enjoy Fallout 3 and NV but 4 was pretty bland. I think it is ungrateful that Austin is left to pick up the trash, but i do think it's good news for fans of the game because Austin already learned a lot of lessons with SWTOR they can apply to Anthem.
But, as far as potencial goes, SWTOR has a big IP tied to it, investment from players on the brand and story. Anthem doesn't. So, i don't see it smashing hits after release. But having multiple sucessful projects is good for BW Austin. If SWTOR keeps bringing the money and the new xpac is a sucess, i'm sure things will get interesting.

Also, people are making fun of it but changes made in 5.10 and .11 show me that BWAustin has been slowly fixing their engine, wich like Frostbite now was a real problem with Vanilla development. That is certainly a good sign to me. The deal breaker for me back in the day was how I could trigger a GCD withought my character actually doing anything. That was a huge issue with the engine that is now, thankfully, finally gone and i can enjoy the game more than ever.

PS: Fingers crossed for a new class/advanced class/specs. I think those would help a lot. I keep dreaming of a spec based on starkillers unique lightsaber stance. It would be awesome.