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Everything we've been feeling about SWTOR, the dearth of content and the lack of developer talent for the previous two years (prior to Ossus) has basically been confirmed. While the article doesn't say as much, Ossus was 6.0, but it got pushed very prematurely and incomplete to release because there isn't enough time to work both Anthem support and SWTOR expansions.

The article goes into exhaustive detail in regard to Anthem's development and launch. It says that the Austin team is now responsible for whether or not Anthem succeeds, which means SWTOR will still be starved of resources considering its age. We basically paid for the development of Anthem, with our subscription money, and in return EA gave us degraded, lukewarm attention for nearly three years. What we're going to get is more commonality in interface design and cartel market function. Apparently, that engine stuff that keeps popping up may not be all that far fetched as EA has some powerful dude from Sweden that is forcing its adoption across all EA games, whether it works or not. Bioware did have a Star Wars idea, something that was ground breaking, but it got crushed. Non public facing (and very public ones too) developers have been shed from both the Edmunton and Austin offices at an alarming rate. The article is really thorough, and if you're still holding your breath for some SWTOR resurrection, you're probably going to die: