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I haven't noticed a VG in a long.. long time.

I started again a month ago and purged all my old characters. Knowing now about the changes since I left I would have kept a few including the VG.

I started with a new Mercenary and Commando. Commando is level 36 Mercenary is level 70 gear score 242 I have several 252 items. People swear the merc/commando are DPS beast but i'm just not seeing it. A perk of the Commando over the Mercenary is the Commando accuracy is easier since he is not a duel wielding type so you dont have to invest more points into it for more offhand hits.

If I was to do it over again, and I just might, I would go with the VG. The companion change to where they can do any role helps me a lot.

Also you have to consider if you enjoying chasing your target down or staying range. PVP these glow stick warriors mainly are face to face not to big of a problem but you will get runners and they are boring to chase. Commando on the other hand you just shoot. Problem is with the current state of the game heals are extreme and you might not get very far on heal type targets unless you figure things out that I haven't yet.
Recovered my old VG. Its 61 running random BG's 4 man. Word on the street is its pretty much useless in pvp or will be soon. Tank spec just testing it other than guard no possible way to win a fight on your own I can see.