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I think it is ironic that u are crafting for free witch is undercutting every other crafter. Then u cry about being undercut on the the gtn ......... You made your bed now lie in it ..........
I don't under cut . i don't need to. I sell **** with out having 2 , however i have no sympathy for u. Your tactic has back fired on u ........

Your logic is flawed.

First of all.. CRAFTING =/= SELLING.
So by Crafting for Free I'm not actually undercutting everyone.
These 2 things are unrelated. You can sell your item and services whenever you want. I choose to offer them for Free.. so I can craft more and crit items. It's not undercutting, it's a business plan.

It's perfectly sane.

I also .. for over 10 months NEVER undercut anyone. I always took the lowest cost of an item already on their and just put mine up for the SAME price. Because I try to NOT lower prices all the time.

I am not raging or crying... so nothing backfired... I'm just trying to have a healty discussion about this.
So your spiteful reaction seems to be rather useless.

Thanks anyway.

As for buying Cheap stuff off all at once.. this always backfired on me.

p.s.: other reason I offer free crafting is because some people felt the need to charge 500k for crafting an item worth 300k. This leveled the playing field.
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