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12.17.2019 , 09:27 AM | #25
I just want to say thanks for this thread! It helped me narrow down what I wanted to play myself, I'm still stuck between about 3 classes atm but I will have it down to one or two soon.... I hope

My main issues now are:
1. Lightsaber/force user vs. blaster/rifle
I enjoy both, but of course this game and all of Star Wars is really built around the lightsaber and force users. This may lead me to have two mains, one force user and one not.
2. ranged vs. melee
Same thing, I enjoy both but as I've gotten older I seem to prefer to stand back more and survey the whole fight more than jumping into the fray and hacking and slashing. But I still have fun with both in this game.
3. Heal/Tank/DPS
I like to be flexible and play a class or two that can switch between roles, I'm leaning towards having a DPS class and a DPS/Heal class. I like tanking in general but like others have said, pug tanking is just no fun with the attitude of players in all games now.

This week I'm narrowing down about 6 characters I have to 2 or 3 and hopefully find one main out of the bunch:
Jedi Sentinel/Scoundrel/Vanguard and Operative/Jugg/Merc with some testing of Sorc/Assassin/Sniper