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Quote: Originally Posted by TheRealLuxford View Post
Mad cause I'm better than u?
Clicking extraction makes me lose credibility? Ok if I don't have credibility then what do you have since I guarantee I put more dps up then u, out heal u and will eat your lunch one on one.
U lost all credibility because u have a jugg. Pos no skill smasher.

The healing comment. I think you are correct but heals bores me
There's nothing to be mad about because you're not as good as you think you are. I watched a solid half hour of your recorded stream and there was -nothing- impresive about it.

You clicking an ability while doing nothing else (and this is throughout the video BTW) makes you look bad. Although I appreciate the smack talk, you should point your anger at me instead of the guy above. (I don't have a jugg and my High Level PVP'er valor 85 (I hit 65 before they changed the amount of valor you got per WZ) is a sorc that isn't spec'd FoTM. ) I'm pretty sure I know a really good sorc when I see one and you are just not on that level.

Please continue to trash talk on the forums though, it is amusing to say the least.