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Hi Drak, nice to have someone who is prepared to help people along.

Quick Qs, - How do I survive longer with Gunships?

I have mastered Strike, Scout and Bomber, but good GS play eludes me. I mainly use them if I feel we're on a winning side/ winning streak. - I can target ships okay, and use them for mine / defence turret clearing okay. - So point and shoot seems to be going in the right direction. - But I usually get 1-2 shots off and then draw all the aggro from the opposition. - best GS I have is a quarrel which is about tier 2/3 across most upgrades - Though I went for damage and defence before speed/manoevre. Though once a pack is on me, no fancy flying can shake them off.

Im pretty good at flying around stuff, asteroids, sats, mesas etc. So I don't often die to the scenery! - But with GS being slow and lumbering -its not like a scout that can whip around an obstacle in 2 seconds!

AM I better off seeking out the protected satellites for extra longevity, or finding a friendly bomber who'll keep me safe? What crew can you reccommend? I play imp and Pub side and have most of the companions available to unlock. Is slug railgun a good option? - I have that maxed.

I play on the Progenitor Pub side slightly more than imp - to level up alts mostly.

Any help would be appreciated. THX muchly!
Alright so first ill start by saying in my opinion there is only 1 good gunship build at the moment. I'll list it here so that you can reference it.
Burst lasers : armor pen + hull dmg
Slug Railgun: Extra accuracy + Crit chance
Ion Railgun: Aoe dmg + No regen after hitting someone
Distortion Field: Breaks missile locks
Barrel roll: this talent is very player specific
Armor: Lightweight armor
Reactor: Large reactor
Magazine: Regeneration Extender
Sensors: Dampening
Crew: Copilot ability running interference (defensive option) or wing man (agressive option)
offensive: you want +6% accuracy and +2 degrees firing arc
defensive: you want 5% evasion + 10% shield pool
Tactical: basically just find the one with the co pilot ability you want to use (I prefer running interference)
engineering: engine pool 10% and engine effiency +13%

Playing defensive on a gunship is pretty much the same thing as any other ship, only difference is its very hard to shoot at someone chasing you and anyone save bombers can catch you. The important parts are to use both distortion and barrel roll only to break missiles that are in the air, never break before they launch. If fighting vs another gunship or a scout thats using rocket pods so theres no lock on just pop both evasion cooldowns. After the cooldowns you have to decide between two things, either go ALL IN and try to kill him just as he gets to you by shooting him once or twice with ion+slug and then killing him with burst, or finishing your shot and running to something that can help you kill whatever is chasing you.

When solo q ing its hard to get other pilots to kill whats after you, so basically you just run to them and hope they start shooting the things on you. Try to always barrel roll towards team mates and give yourself some terain to break future locks and laser attacks with. (If you barrel into open space and no one is there to help you, you're basically just dead now) Barrel roll and distortion have the same cooldown so which one you use first really just depends on the situation if you need to finish a shot distortion the missile and then start running afterwards.

A few tips when running especially from multiple ships, when you barrel roll try to end up behind some los and then stop boosting to let your engines regen a little once they catch up and round the corner you can then start running again, the idea is just to hop from one cooldown to the other with distortion and barrel roll.

If they are spaming you with short lockon missiles (cluster missiles) they only do about 850 dmg fully upgraded, let the first one land then break the second and that way your shields will have time to start to recharge barring him hitting you with lasers ofcourse. So against cluster try to let atleast 1 land before you break the next 2. Since your build has such high evasion you probably will regen that missiles dmg worth of shields by the time we get to missiles 4.

I think i covered alot if you still want more help let me know and maybe we can get in a voice chat and I can talk you threw it. I hope that helped
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