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Thanks for the advice. I consider myself a mid skill pilot and I would like to get a few tips on getting better at dog fighting. I have recently, with the new strikes, started playing around and have had a ton of fun. I tend to get a lot of assists and not a ton of kills per match.

What I seem to have the most trouble with is really is some games I just seem to face opponents with really fast missile locks. I cannot seem to evade quickly enough and end up with some quick deaths. Quick deaths = not a ton of fun. I know they will happen, but I am interested in learning any tips which will help when those 1 or 2 other pilots are on my 6.
Alright so right off the bat dealing with missiles on a strike is a big pain, cause you have to learn to line of sight the guy locking you. Now if said missiles are clusters that's only a 1.3 second window to put something between you and him. The main thing to remember is always wait until the missile is in the air before using your engine maneuver, this is even more important with all the engine nerfs last patch. If you don't have an engine maneuver available for the next missile try playing very defensively basically not trying to kill anyone just dodge and weave threw stuff to break the locks. Once your engine maneuver is ready again you can go back on the offensive and try to kill again, waiting again for that next missile to be in the air to use it. Another helpful thing is everytime they start locking a missile and your engine maneuver is ready start planing where you want to aim to use it, so you don't just barrel roll into an asteroid once the missile is in the air.
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