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I think companions choices for romances in SWTOR are actually very, very Very bad... And actually are maybe even worse for male characters? (definitely atleast on republic side!)
I think that most people wants to have his/her romance-able companion running and fighting with you (and joinig conversations..) all the time. I surely do. But in most cases you are forced to use 1-2 other 'usefull' companion. So your favorite companion will stay at ship 99% of time.. Except when you smmon him/her to give some presents and then speak with them on ship each 700+ affection? What a pointless waste. That companion coments on quests are way better than whole romance 'line' anyway. (and you can get that affection points more 'naturally')

As a Jedi Sage (heal/dps) I need tank which i have only 2 Male tank options.
Jedi Shadow (tank/dps) can use a healer - only 1 male option available.
My only 1 female comapanion is melle dps in light armor - useless for any important fight.
I hate that lizard 'thing' i must carry with me. Leaving him behind to die and just resumon him. Did bioware really thing we will 'care' about this horrible companions?

As a Jedi Knight, (at both advaced classes) you want a healer - only male option available.

Smuggler - (dps/heal) Wants a tank - Only male tank available.

Trooped is the only republic option for a male character to have Usefull companion being your romance option (a 'by the book' soldier medic... ) Not a great option, but waay bettter than disgusting lizard thing which I'm forced to travel with :/

Except trooper it seems to me republic side should be played with female players only?
Poor me, i'm a male but don't like playing for Evil Empire, it's just not my taste. So no interesting companion or romance at all for me.

On Empire side, only BH has Mako as great sidekick. Mako looks great, if only was not on empire side... :/

SW - starts with Vette, great. But later will switch to Male healer!

SI - Same as Consular, no female option.

IA - Well, I actually don't know this class at all, seems to have female healer, so if you can Tank it's the second Empire best character/companion combo?

Why there is not a single female companion tank? :P

PS: Yea, I know. My english is horrible, if anyone wants to pick on it, go ahead. I don't care
I'm 100% with you. +1