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... do people not pay attention or something? They never said they were straying away from the trifecta...

You will always have a tank, dps, healer. Exactly how is a game going to work? What better idea do you have? If you have all dps faceroll, you get wotlk dungeons. You can literally just go in and faceroll every dungeon. Is that the kind of game you want? It's not bioware's fault your group of 4 cannot overcome an easy dungeon. The game is as EASY as it is and you want it even EASIER? Go back to wow please.
Did you copy and paste that from somewhere?

Of course I didn't pay attention to it. i don't gush any fluids at the mere mention of anything Star Wars. I have not devoted the whole of my existence to this game since it was announced. My friends decided to play this game so here I am.

The WoW grouping archetype is terribad, and it is also seven years old. I assumed that after all this time a brand new MMO would find a way to innovate that aspect of the game. Instead we have a regression into something that is even less enjoyable.

As for better ideas, of course I have them. Anyone with half a brain can come up with them. How about dynamic dungeon content? Like, the instance changes the nature of the encounters based on the composition of the party so that the challenge is still there but doable if you dont have a tank or a healer or either? Or how about including an NPC to fill a missing role? NPC's in this game are pretty capable and the code that dictates their actions is great. No reason you cant have one of them fill in as a healer or a tank. There are ways to do away with the trifecta. There are a million of them. You just have to not be lazy and be willing to take even the tiniest risk on something new.

And as for WoTLK dungeons, yeah everyone loves talking about how easy they were and how terrible that was. And everyone danced in a big happy circle singing Kumbayah when Cataclysm came out because it was gonna put a challenge back in the game woohoo! Then 2 months later everyone quit because they got tired of walking into an instance and wiping on the first pull repeatedly. Turns out people liked the WoTLK facerolling but nobody wanted to admit that because for some reason everyone feels to need to be a hardass on the internet and you cant be a hardass if you admit you like easy, fluid content.

I don't play MMO's so i can have my blood pressure shoot through the roof. This is a leisure activity for me and i have NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER with the content being WoTLK easy. I dont give a damn about elitists and i dont give a damn about overcoming challenges that are PURELY statistical in nature. And when a couple of mobs blow me up in 1.2 seconds because our tank doesnt have the capability to get them off me quickly enough that is nothing more than a statistical problem.

You want to challenge me with dynamic content fine. The need for situational awareness in a hectic fight is challenging. Dying because two bots are hitting me for 600 a second and i only have 2400hp is not a challenge. Its just math.