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Mull it over
I thought pretty hard about what mainstat to give to the class. Originally, I thought about having them use Aim (at that point I was seeing them as using Techblades and Techstaves and the explanation would be that Aim has connotations of improved observational skills and would fit within a context of precision strikes and pressure point attacks), though I also considered Cunning along with Strength. I settled on Strength because, as you can readily tell, they're a melee class. I also felt that the aesthetic of Sentinel gear fit with the general theme of the Echani/Thyrsians moreso than the Smuggler/Agent gear did. Think of it this way: which stat makes the most sense as to making you punch and kick harder? Strength just fits the bill with the least thematic wrangling, in my opinion.

It's important to remember that mainstat is, honestly, a largely arbitrary decision. Knights and Warriors use Strength (and it improves their Force powers, which doesn't really make sense unless you realize it's a mechanical/thematic disconnect necessary for reasonable gameplay) because it's thematically appropriate for them to do so. Consulars and Inquisitors improve their melee attacks with Willpower (because honing your mind makes you swing your lightsaber harder?). Regardless of which mainstat is chosen, it's going to overvalue that mainstat compared to the others since, right now, they're all functionally equal (2 ACs on each side for each mainstat; the inclusion of this class and the one I'm working on now would mean that 4 ACs use 2 of the mainstats and the other mainstats are left with just the 2).

As to "balancing out GTN sales", it's important to remember that the primary reason why there are less Cunning gear sales isn't because of a natural preference for the game to use a specific mainstat. It's because there are just *fewer* Cunning users (in the sense of characters played rather than outright options). Arbitrarily choosing to assign a mainstat in order to balance out problems with the economy isn't really a wise course of action; making those Cunning classes more viable/enjoyable options so that people are more willing to play them *is*.
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