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Echani Fighter / Thyrsian Aspirant (Base Class)
Weapons: Fist Weapon
Armor: Medium
Primary Attribute: Strength
Class Buff: 5% surge rating
Power Source: Tech
Resource: The Echani Fighter uses 2 separate resources; Breath, which is mechanically identical to Force for a Shadow (capped at 100; regen static at 5/sec), and Intuition, which is mechanically identical to Focus (capped at 12; starts at 0, degrades when out of combat, gained with specific attacks that consume Breath)

Class Abilities

Echani Infighter / Thyrsian Brawler (Advanced Class)
Weapons: Fist Weapons and Shield/Generator
Roles: Tank (Earth spec), DPS (Water spec), DPS (Spirit spec)

Infighter/Brawler Abilities (these are not absolutely complete, nor are they in order; I only included the "important" ones that define the build):

Infighter/Brawler Skills/Talents:

Discussing the basic idea/playstyle of the specs, I aimed for stuff that hadn't been done with other classes while capitalizing on the dual resource aspect of the class. Earth is a tank spec that exists somewhere between Guardians and Shadows on the continuum of active v. passive mitigation, with some limited retributive damage and decent AoE but bursty. Water is a spec that alternates between blowing through all of their Breath and then through their Intuition with a lot of secondary controlling effects. Spirit was, for those who played WoW, imagined as a melee version of the Arcane Mage: chain casting an ability that gets progressively more expensive and damage with each continuous cast. You then build your resources back up to prepare to unleash the fury once again.

Echani Fencer / Thyrsian Gladiator (Advanced class)
Weapons: Double Bladed Vibroblade and Generator
Roles: DPS (Fire), DPS (Air), DPS (Spirit)

Fencer/Gladiator Abilities:

Fencer/Gladiator Skills/Talents(these are not absolutely complete, nor are they in order; I only included the "important" ones that define the build):

For the Fencer/Gladiator, Spirit is functionally identical (which makes sense seeing as it's the shared tree). For Fire, I created a DoT spec with twist insofar as the DoTs themselves exist more as as bonus damage (unlike most DoT specs where the damage dealt by the DoTs is the primary goal) and as a resource consumed by the tier 8 abilty to cause it to deal a crapton more damage (since Extirpate removes any of your DoTs on the target in order to deal a crapton more damage for each present; the damage is actually more than the DoT would have dealt over its entire lifetime). Air was designed as a ridiculously mobile playstyle, emphasizing bouncing in and out of melee while still maintaining a cohesive melee role (the primary "combo" is Disengage>Flying Kick>Whirlwind Combination which has you bounce out, rush back, and, and then spin in a circle to do a crapton of damage).

Echani Companions:

Thyrsian Companions:
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