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I think better then half of our comps are gonna have problems with this and our L.I.s are many of the Most Faction steadfast of them all so they "Wouldn't change, With Us" (Good bye to you, my love). Companions returning has probably been the most popular topic here and Reddit since before the Zakuul story ended and now here we are about to not only risk losing them away (Like before, again) but "Driving them Away" ourselves?? Not being here because of Dev. issues/ Poorly thought out story lines one thing; but losing them *Again because they Hate us is terrible.

BioWare has trouble putting out moderate (Small) sized updates on a schedule that is hardly acceptable already; add to that changing the original coding, faction and ability coding most, *Every Other facet SWTOR was based on adds *A lot More straws on the Camels back that it could just barely handle before. Even longer waits between smaller content drops (They can only do so much so fast, past history shows that) and the number of Bugs especially the main issues would also rise in a game that already ignores bugs.

I think this is gonna cause a lot of problems overall. Is this gonna be like Iokath where the faction change is Temporary (so it really isn't anything and doesn't matter, a Fake Change) or is this gonna be a very real issue, what kinda fallout is that gonna start? B.W. Offered "A lot" of Options in the Zakuul story they couldn't sustain, Even more Options in Iokath that further complicated their jobs (Players stories differentiating creating even more stories lines). From shoehorning 8 class's into 1 (one story's cheaper then eight) and using only a few Comps (Cheaper then all) to now story directions going every directions (Wayy more then 8) They keep offering options when they couldn't afford the most basic.
Your last part kinda summons it up pretty well really... They cut the budget to the game, and then had to cut corners, 8 stories to 1 for all story, bug handling got even worse than it was from launch, content draugt that lasted to dang long and a skeleton crew that "didnt listen" to the players about what they wished for in the game cause they just didnt have the money to pull it off. Heck even the customer service was/is lousy.
*looks at EA with evil eyes"
So yeah this is what we now have, a HUUUGE mess of a story that has so many things wrong with them, only really suits one class and with no way out of the corner but to do a complette overhaul of the game and back to scratch ( which for me i wouldnt mind at all at this point )