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You didn't listen to Acina's comments at the end of Chapter I and during Chapter II of KotET, I guess. She does explain the situation.

Somewhere in the sequence, you get a mail that contains information about that. Summary follows in spoiler box.

They are your characters. Choose what you want. Nobody will punish you for it.(1) And Acina brought her *military forces*, not her government.

Only the decision in the opening of JUS matters, except for what happens on Iokath during and after War on Iokath. You can choose to side with home or away differently on all three points, and only the JUS decision will actually have (as far as we know) any significant effect on the future story. Exception: Some dialogue (in Iokath, Copero, and Ossus) changes depending on whether you back the Republic or the Empire during Iokath, because the list of important NPCs who survive is different.

(1) There might be long-term story impact that hasn't been revealed yet, but there's no way of knowing what it is yet, just as there was no way of knowing, when my Commando played through KotFE Chapter III and X at their release, that choosing the darker options about the reactor and the Spire would cause Elara Dorne to flounce off in a huff(2) at the end of War on Iokath.

(2) She was a bit snarky about Commandogirl having shacked up with a female Sith, too.
Thank you so much for your reply.

I read that email you referenced, a republic message basically saying they should follow the Eternal Empire treaty, allow the war to destroy the alliance and the Empire, then they would be in a strong position.

True, Asina brought her military vs gvnmt, but she represents the Empire, she spoke to me directly, and she asked for - and honored - an alliance with me. She doing so, as the representative of the Empire, was far more than I've gotten from the Republic.

It seemed like bioware wanted to break the stereotypical image of the Empire and Republic, making the republic look bad. Plus there is the corruption of the republic and the Saresh. That's why I saved the Zakuul and Empire escape pods. Sure, I knew the senator from class story, but that was 5 yrs ago and he's part of the corrupted republic.

I want to side with the Empire during the starting flashpoint of the Iokath story arc, Lana is right, they were there and the republic wasn't and what does it tell the other people of the alliance if we don't support the Empire who joined us starting at Ch2 of KoTET.

But, in the opening of JUS, I want to support the republic once again.

Thanks again. I'm content in knowing I can support the Empire during the start of the Iokath story arc but go back to the republic for JUS.