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05.25.2013 , 01:43 PM | #2
Well, if its not in the game, i think that the reasons "why" something is not in the game is because they havent seen the suggestion, havent got the programmer hours to implement the suggestion, maybe the idea hasnt gotten through their own QA process for new features.

I do know that there is a technical limitation on how details of such a nature are tallied, mainly because its each of the character that records an ACH, there would need to be a database of ACh that the guild had obtained as well, not sure if there are guild wide achs.

As for another limitation would be a system that constantly compares guild achs in order to determine what goes on this board.

There is also a social concern that this would lead folks to believe that the game supported and favored one guild over another, because despite what we tell folks, and this is a HUGE and ongoing concerin in almost ALL of the gaming community, THERE ARE PEOPLE who would believe that such a system could be rigged or bought out and there would be a bigger backlash from those who opposed it.

In essence, right now, it is easier for them to deal with folks asking where the board was, then it is for them to deal with the implications of implementing such a feature.