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12.13.2011 , 08:29 AM | #1
I am seeing this on the launcher:

"There is currently no active subscription on this account. Activate your account here."

I figured this was due to the fact that I did not pre order until the first of this month, sucks but I could not afford it until now.

But when I click the "here" link it takes me to my page on the SWTOR site and it has a bunch of sections down the left side and each one has a checkmark possible.

Five security questions is checked....
Contact information is checked.....
Redeem a registration code is NOT CHECKED!

So that makes me nervous. When I click the preorder link on the right it says that I have entered a code to preorder and looks all good, and wont let me enter the code again.

I am just wondering if this is a normal side effect of not being able to get in yet or if there is a problem on my account.

Please weigh in, and keep in mind, I am not crying or flaming or having a childish fit. I do not mind waiting, I just want to make sure that my account is not borked.

Thanks and have a great day!!! (especially those of you already playing )

Demrin - Shadow