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11.17.2017 , 03:02 AM | #103
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If you don't have any gear to upgrade, then that's your mistake. I don't know actually how you can have no gear to upgrade. I have lots of shells that I saved just so I can upgrade them and I mean lots.

How can you play this game and apparently have a lot of UCs now and not be able to spend them? Sorry but I find your premise that you have no gear to upgrade rather unbelievable. Either you have all your characters on 248 gear (and then it no longer matters cause then all your UCs are pointless) or you do have characters that still need gear upgrades. So either way your argument does not hold as far as I'm concerned.
If you've been saving crates in preparation for 5.6, you should have also been saving UC's because you don't yet know which items you're missing from crates (seeing as they haven't been opened yet). There's also the scenario of fully 248 mains saving up UC's to use on their alts.

Yes there are ways to mitigate the damage, but that's ONLY for people who pay close attention to dev posts. What about everyone else who saved up in preparation for 5.6 (or any other reason) and didn't read the post? Do you think "their mistake" of not reading posts justifies halving the rewards they've gathered these past few months? How do you think they'd react when they realize the hours upon hours they spent just got devalued massively?