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The Academy of the Adumbrate
GM: Anihrul
Contacts: Anihrul, Zulseesh

Discord: Margot#9301


Sith Acolytes/Apprentices: Open
Sith Lords: Open but limited.
Sith Darths: Considered on a case-by-case basis.
Imperials: Open
Mercs: Open
Mandos: Closed
RP Experience : All Levels


RP Style: Heavy RP
RP Event Types: Combat; Training; Intrigue; Scientific; Political; Legal/Philosophical; Social.
Character Involvement: There are events catered to every type of character
RP Plots: Campaigns, One-shots, Random Events, usually focused on character development.
Guild rp events: ~2-4 per week.
Who Runs RP: Any Guild Member.
Combat Roll System: Yes.
Age Requirement: 19+
Guild Size: Small, with ~5-15 players on at any one time.
Guild Timezone Activity: The guild has US and EU players who are active at various times.
All guild members are roleplayers.
Community Events Hosted: Yes.

Guild IC History (Brief Summary)

During the failed rule of the Eternal Empire and in its aftermath, Darth Azhrael grew his powerbase through the Sphere of Philosophy and gathered to him the strength to strike at his enemies. Allies, troops, and spies are spread throughout the galaxy, placed in strategic positions. An academy is built to carve all who seek it into an instrument for the glory of the Empire.

Darth Anihrul joined Darth Azhrael, and together they reclaimed her family legacy: a large organization that had fallen into a secret conspiracy. They brought this organization, The Adumbrate, into legitimacy within the Empire. It is still layered in many secrets, however…

The great work of the Empire continues; reunifying and strengthening the Empire through enforcing the Sith Code and the Sith way. The Adumbrate works with all spheres and has many allies, and some enemies as well.

About the Academy

The Adumbrate, through the Sphere of Sith Philosophy, knows the key to reunifying the Empire is through enforcing the Sith code and the Sith way. It is not an article for interpretation but instead a method by which to attain the highest power in the Force; the greatest control of one’s self. The Academy will physically, mentally, and spiritually challenge its students. Those true Sith of willing body and mind who seek the Adumbrate organization will become the strength of the Empire. We must all unite under the same banner once again.

OOC Information

We are a mature 19+ heavy rp guild focused on character development, guild evolution, and inclusive short and long-term rp stories. We strive to maintain an authentic Imperial experience within the Adumbrate through the collaborative efforts of all the players. Character agency and story quality is our goal.

We use a streamlined system for training and combat for both force and non-force users. The Adumbrate does not require a character to start from ‘the beginning’. We enjoy new characters as well as characters with rich backstories, and we accept roleplayers of all experience levels.

Guild Rules:
To Apply: