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Should get 50% reduced damage shields and speed. Just saying.
Should they also do 50% extra damage then?

Edit: Oops apparently I read that too fast, I'm guessing you meant they should do 50% less damage, have 50% less shields and have 50% less speed. I didn't notice the damage part before sorry. Maybe you don't realize how much harder it is for the person laging to do damage in the first place.
I've had terrible pings before on GSF, often while my wife is downloading something without telling me. :P
It's no picnic on the other side. That bouncing that you see a laging person do, that happens to all other players in the game while you're trying to shoot.

Most of the time I just move on to another target when I see someone bouncing like that, because I just feel bad for them having to play that way.
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