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deadly onslaught is fine the way it is and the tech blade thing they would have to change Hammer shots and put in a melee variant (maybe give them assault from juggs) and some abilities (if not most) require you to use a blaster so they would have to incorporate that as well being able to use them with techbaldes. As well the Cynlinders would have to change too and they may have to incorporate certain skills to accommodate techblades.

Heat management should not be an issue if ur using the class right
I agree to disagree. Deadly onslaught is just STUPID looking. All of a sudden all these parts that you don't have appear and you spew a bunch of missles. You look like a cheap knock off of Optimus Prime. At Least with VG it's all coming out of the rifle. Why I think more of a flame based attack would be better. Since they want us more pyro inclined with the PT.
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