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01.23.2018 , 12:06 PM | #9
I feel like to fix pt, you just do the following:
Buff oil slick a bit (maybe not quite back to the 30% it was before but 20% would be nice, so it would at least be clearly better than the Jugg talent reducing melee ranged damage dealt by all targets affected by intimidating roar).

Buff Kolto Overload, it's very mediocre right now, just make it heal somewhat faster and up to 40-50%, that should really encourage a temporary swap on Kolto Overload, rather than people just bursting through it.

Other than that it would be nice if they could drop pressure overrides and instead make a utility increasing Railshot range to 20m and flame burst range to 15m (or both 15m if you're a meanie and don't like pt's), that should give Pt's somewhat more of a semi melee feel rather than being pretty much a melee dps.