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Just my two cent, coming from a ranked PT player.

First thing, make Translocate an ability for all spec. Give PT tank another ability instead. This is worthless in PvE and almost always worthless in PvP too, it won't be that much of a gain.
Just keep Oil Slick for tanks too ! If you can't understand how important the accuracy debuff is, then you've been playing tank the wrong way since the start. Imo it could benefit from a reduced cooldown, as well as being a little smaller.

Do not give Fusion Missile to PT whatsoever. Tank PT has already some huge problem when it comes to aoe balance (it will crush you only using aoe in PvP), do not give them another one, for it would just make all of this even worse.

As for the defensive cooldown section...
Imo PT doesn't need to be changed.
Snipers, Merc, Mara are the class that created the imbalance. Once you fix those then you'll be alright by playing a PT dps.

What needs a fix :
-Jet Charge (MAKE IT WORK 100% OF THE TIME) who should be received at a really lower level like before.

-The insane aoe damage of tank PT in dps gear should be fixed as well. Balance aggro generation if necessary, but you shouldn't be able to global a Jugg just by spamming aoe everywhere.

-Heat generation for the whole bounty hunter class. You shouldn't be suffering from energy management issue when playing your spec correctly. You still end up having those issues by playing Pyro, A.P., I.O. and Arsenal. I don't see why sin and sorc are allowed to have a stable energy regen while PT and Merc would be screwed by that. Merc aren't even dealing that much damage anyway.

-About the 30m utility... just remove it. It's not worth it, especially since you cannot use rocket punch nor rail shot at 30m with it. You just end up spamming fillers within 30meters.

-Give back the heal on shoulder cannon.

-Make Kolto Overload work until 40% health. Right now you aren't even allowed to go over execution range, which makes the class terrible in PvP because it will still take a full execute rotation (which are often brutal. Just look at Hatred).

To put it simply : PT don't need a sh*t ton of defensive ability. No class needs it. If nobody died in PvP because of those, what would be the point ? Fix the three fotm of the moment, and fix some changes on the other class and everything will fall into balance. Do not give some bullsh*t like trauma regulator to a class that don't need it to begin with.
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