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For this list ill be using the PT as I have played it far more.

1. Allowing PT to use tech blades and staves. Far as VG, they have a handy shoulder cannon to do all the animations with.

2. Oil slick and Translocate. I abhor these two abilities. To me they are worthless. Replace with maybe a shield overload ability that damages everyone in a 5 Meter radius and generates threat. Other ability, maybe a charging ability where you generate all your sheilds into one focal area and using it as a battering ram? Or something else.

3. Responsive safeguards. This should of been a PT ability from the get go.

4. Truama Regulators. Again should of been a PT ability. Though at 50% instead of the current 60 would be good.

5. Jet charge. PUT IT BACK TO LEVEL 2. If Juggs can have their charge at lvl 1, so can PT.

6. Legendary ability Pressure Overide. Make it 15m and perminate instead of 20m and only triggered when using explosive fuel. Or 15 terminate and 20 when using explosive fuel.

7. Make Fusion missile a BH universal ability instead of Merc Specific. I almost never use fusion missile(since I run IO) but on any PT spec, it would be a useful starter attack. Just my 2 credits there.

8. Remove deadly onslaught. The optimus prime knock off frankly looks STUPID. Rather an attack where the PT shoots a bunch of oil, then lights it up with a fireball. That would be far better and more in line with PTs using the fire gauntlet.

These are just my 2 credits. Cause ATM for a tank, I still think VG/PT are not in the same league even as Juggs let alone Assassins.

I think these changes would allow for PTs to get back in there and mix it up with an even chance.

Will all of them work? No. I am sure the Pressure Overides idea would have people screaming OP!!! But Saftey Overrides and TR? Should be on PT. Using tech blades. I see zero problems with that. Getting rid of 2 IMHO worthless abilities on ST with something a bit more useful? Again I don't see an issue. Or if you have ways of making it better, like allowing PTs to light oil slick on fire?

Anyways comment on how ya feel. And I have not given up on making PTs better. I don't want them OP by any means, but they can do WAY better.
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