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Darth Nox? They named my inquisitor Darth Occlus as I recall, and it kinda made me go "So, wait, I'm Darth Eyeball? Bahahahahaha". This is the first I've heard of a Darth Nox.

I wonder if my inquisitor being an assassin...affected that? I'll have to get my sorc to 50 and see, perhaps.
Darth Occlus = All Lightside.
Darth Imperius = More Empire loyal, rather than Darkside-Lightside.
Darth Nox = All Darkside.

Darth Nox will probably end up being canon. As will all the Darkside version of the Empire stories.

As for the topic:
Rank wise: Wrath > Nox

Wrath is higher than the Dark Council.

Lore combat wise: Wrath > Nox

The Wrath can take on the entire Dark Council single handed, however Darth Nox is somewhat Immortal, but the Wrath has beaten Immortals before, and could easily contentiously beat Nox down and have the Emperor use a force prison to imprison him, plus the fact like Lord Scourge the Emperor will likely make the Wrath Immortal too at some point in the future.

Actual combat wise: Nox > Wrath.

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