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a few things

your droid kill order puts you directly in saturation fire
the baradium bomb goes to whoever gets the killing blow, not a random member
and that's where i stopped watching
Hey Tangzor,

I'm one of the healers in this project, and I'd like to hear any other strategy you may have for that first part. As always, our suggested strategies are just suggestions and ways to go about mechanics that work well for us. Why we have our kill order on the droids in the fashion we do have it is it enables us to maximize our dps on the droids while also never missing an interrupt (outside of the insanely frustrating "hey my stupid interrupt missed thanks BW).

What makes me curious about your statement is that as the droids are positioned one of those droids will be hit with saturation fire. For example: when you pull those droids the first position of saturation fire is directly on top of droid 1 by the bunker. Because it will take 2 more rotations to hit the dps dead on, we think smashing that middle droid ends up maximizing the time on target whereas if we were to do what I've seen many groups do and dog pile onto that bunker add they may lose out on dps time by moving for that first shot of saturation or even second..

The players and roles we have at the corner droids by effect become place holders who are in charge of interrupting first and foremost with damage on droid as a secondary objective. With that in mind they are allowed plenty of time and freedom to avoid saturation fire if it's on top of their position while the dps either kill the middle or swap over to their droids. At the very least (and probably at a very rocky understanding level) that's how I break down the rationale behind our strategy.

Theoretically if you're group has the dps to push each droid individually and stay ahead of the saturation fire pattern it could be definitely doable to avoid that all together, but my suspicion is that you'll be missing interrupts, and consequently putting unnecessary stress on your healers (even if it's basically white noise to your healers they still have to push more than they should or may need to).

As I heal this fight, I tend to see and feel the droid damage is far greater than the saturation fire which I don't really ever notice. So we stress to the group to hit their interrupts first and foremost. There are also spots close to the walker where if saturation fire is dialing in on the position you may be at, you can enter that little safe zone (typically right next to the legs).

Anyway that's my reasoning for having the kill order as it is within our video. As we always stress these strats are what works best for us, but if there's an equally viable solution to always hitting the interrupts while making that saturation fire even less of a potential concern I'm absolutely interested in hearing it. Every strategy can be questioned and improved in some way.