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since ravagers is the priority are you going to be making guides for the bosses that you clear if you do it?
As Smoke pointed out above the plan is to release the guides in the order they were released in game with the rest of EV and KP being done at the end. With that said i'm always more than happy to impart any information or knowledge your way in regards to specific boss fights/strategies if you need them. If that is the case feel free to email me at your leisure, my email is in my signature.

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Good job Hayete. I watched you guys kill Kephess last night I believe. Also having looked at your combat/carnage guides on Dulfy and how greatly informative they are i'm sure these guides will be just as helpful to new players that want to go beyond the storymode operations and above highlighted hardmodes. I wish you good luck and I hope this encourages players to try harder content because it is a lot of fun even though there hasn't been any new content in about a year and a half.
Thanks for the support mate Everyone in Phalanx is really excited to be doing this project and to see/read the feedback from the community so please keep it coming. I know it definitely motivates them to keep putting up with my frequent "/stuck lets start again" requests