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05.01.2013 , 11:23 AM | #273
For DPS I always have the philsophy of 'don't break CC on anything you can't tank and kill'. If I broke CC on a strong mob while I"m on a DPS I am prepared to used my CD to kill and tank it solo, and even as hard as the strong mobs hit for this is still quite easy. And since I can't reliably solo an elite mob in FP while tanking it, I don't attack elite mobs first. In fact when you have say a 5 dog pack, it's probably easier on the healer if the tank tanks 3 while the 2 DPS each tank one, since all 5 dogs on the same guy can be way too much DPS to handle. Of course you really should just CC 2 but if you have to tank 5, splitting them 3/1/1 is often safer than having the tank get all 5. If a DPS is doing damage to the wrong target, by definition he should have aggro anyway, and if he can kill that mob solo (and he should be able to) at least there's no immediate harm. The real harm is the DPS who breaks CC (usually via AE) but don't actually DPS the wrong targets, leaving the tank stuck with the concentrated DPS of all the mobs.