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Playing ur game since 6 year
Sorry for my bad English but I have to speak u English becuz I think have a omerta about Rava and Mara profession in ur FORUM, u have to nerf it immediately!
About 45% of player is Rava or Mara, pose u 1 question, why???
PVP is impossible, I have 7 professions stuffed at 246 and all Mara or Rava 220 kill me on 5 sec, is not normal!
All Mara or Rava can root me and bring me 75% of my life!!!!
I repeat, I think have omerta on ur forum and many Rava or Mara don’t want u nerf that profession, but plz, play ur game and u will se what I try to tell u!!!
This game is dean if u don’t equilibrate PVP playing!!!
What’s Rava?

I mean you’re complaining about Marauders right yet they should in their rightful place be top without a doubt and the DPS of PvP specs is correct. Fury is more or less a PvP spec similar to that of Vengeance the reason is immunity procs the reason one is a burst spec and other is DOTs is for variety.

Still better yet nothing is wrong with a spec that has no self heals and theoretically is useless without either a healer or tank.

Issues with PVP is team balance, Skanks, Defense balance and certainly abilities such as in the Sniper spec that cover keeps immunity to most if not all abilities unless using a certain ability to interrupt cover but I have not one single problem with that alone but with the knock back ability that pushes you back, slows you and without a leap able to use because cover makes it pretty impossible to have the target in range before the CD on said knock back ability is ready to use again, it’s called rinse and repeat.