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Playing ur game since 6 year
Sorry for my bad English but I have to speak u English becuz I think have a omerta about Rava and Mara profession in ur FORUM, u have to nerf it immediately!
About 45% of player is Rava or Mara, pose u 1 question, why???
PVP is impossible, I have 7 professions stuffed at 246 and all Mara or Rava 220 kill me on 5 sec, is not normal!
All Mara or Rava can root me and bring me 75% of my life!!!!
I repeat, I think have omerta on ur forum and many Rava or Mara don’t want u nerf that profession, but plz, play ur game and u will se what I try to tell u!!!
This game is dean if u don’t equilibrate PVP playing!!!
A couple of things -

Omerta, I don't think you know what that word means. Omerta is the Code of Silence in the Mafia that states you never talk about being in the Mafia or the crimes you commit as a member of the Mafia, so really I can't imagine how or why you are using that word.

Rava - What the hell is a Rava?

Roots - You're not getting rooted by Marauders most of the time because Overwhelm would be a massive waste of a Utility point. The hinder effect of Gore for Carnage Marauders lasts 1.5 seconds so there is no way your getting your health knocked down to 25% in that amount of time. Snipers root a lot, not Marauders.

I don't know what server you play on, but you definately don't play on Star Forge, Marauders are not that common in WZs that you should be seeing them that often. Mercs,Snipers, Sorcs and Juggs are all more common on average than Marauders. Even Assassins are more common [skanks].

Damage - Pure DPS class, no self heals at all, they should be doing top Damage.

You might consider the possibility that you are getting wasted so fast because you don't know what you are doing quite as much as you think you do. Maybe take some time with one of the 7 classes you play in order to actually learn it.

Carnage has been nerfed more times in 5.x than any other spec in the game. Annihilation has also been nerfed twice. The only Marauders that haven't are Fury, they were buffed in 5.0. They are very strong right now, a bit stronger than they should be compared to the other two specs, but, hardly OP. Being that they were the only Marauder spec not to get nerfed and got buffed they are more commonly seen than Carnage and Annihilation Marauders. Time to start learning the differences between the specs.

I do however agree with you that it's not normal to be commonly getting killed in 5 seconds, but anyone who gets killed in 5 seconds start to finish doesn't know what they are doing, so that's on you.