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I've seen wins where friends vote to kick someone because they don't like them.
One wonders why such people are still considered "friends."

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Situations like those shouldn't happen for sure, but there are sometimes people join up and simply are not ready or do not care how they perform. While I don't care enough to vote kick at least 90% of the time, some go overboard with it even to the point of kicking decent enough players, just to have someone to "blame."
I do the best I can to dissuade people from kicking unless the person is deliberately trolling the queue. Ironically, some of the biggest proponents of kicking literally throw games on people they don't like on occasion. These people are moronic hypocrites.

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[*]Remove the ability to decline pops, remove the ability to leave the match. Force players into the match with only a little time to accept before being forced. Why? Prevents majority backfills including intentional ones. Also prevents early leaves that affect elo gain and loss. Everyone is forced in so we have names to go with if someone is trying to throw for another. Currently decliners and backfills are hard to pinpoint because you often don't get to see who caused it.[/LIST]
What about people that miss pops because they're afk? What you're suggesting is the way it worked before, and I remember plenty of afk leavers back in sesaon 1 when people were forced into the matches. I know cross-role backfills suck, but I think it's better than a 3v4.

There's perhaps a hybrid solution, which is when you get a pop, you get a ready screen like they have for flashpoints, except you can't see who the other players are. If everyone readies up, the match starts. If someone is afk or declines at that point, the match won't start and no one loses anything. Maybe that could still be abused in some way, or just used to troll the queue by declining constantly, but I think it would be better than what we have now.