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02.12.2020 , 07:56 PM | #1

i have been trying to play Ranked and trying to learn it. I have watched some videos, read some guides but when it comes to practice it simply seems to be impossible because i get ****d from ranked every time that I play.

I have come From WoW and im used to play ranked There. IM no noob in ranked matchs but im not used to this game yet and it seems that i will never be because of this nonsense system that allows crybaby players to kick other players because they are angry for their loss. Its funny that i never get ****d when my team wins a match i only get ****d when we lose...

Does these guys pays more than me to play? I mean, why can they make this game a bad experience for me? And why do you expect me (and other players) to keep playing if it is a bad experience?

Why dont u just add a "AVOID PLAYER" button? So a player that dont want to play with another will just click it and he will never be on the same team again? Or they will not be on the same team for a X amount of time?
Its a lot better than kiking ppl from the match for no real reason.

Im tired of playing Unranked and i dont play PVE (Never did in any MMO), i wanna play ranked but it seems that this game is not friendly for new players.

Plz, change it, the 'crybabys' players must learn that to lose is a part of this game and that if they cant stand to it then its THEM, the toxic guys, who should leave it instead of us.

Lemme know when u change it so i can return to this game and enjoy it like i was enjoying before started to play ranked.