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I'm guessing this refers to "white" crafting materials, except that there aren't any called "Hypo-Stim". There are the following with names kinda sorta like that:
* Grade 1 = Hypo-syringe
* Grade 4 = Hypnogazer
* Grade 6 = Myostim
* Grade 7 = Stim Plug

All of these can be bought from vendors with the <Crew Skill Trade Vendor> tag below their names, or from the tier 3 Field Repair Droid. In general, these vendors are somewhere near the crew skill trainers, except on Odessen, where there is a vendor (between C2-N2 and 2V-R8) but there aren't any trainers.

Or you can run Bioanalysis missions of the indicated grade. One mission in each grade returns that grade's "white" material. It's easy to spot because it will mention the name of the material. Example: the Grade 1 mission is called The Belly of the Worm, and it's noted as returning "Grade 1: Hypo-syringe".
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