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Yeah, damn that dynamic combat in which actual skill rather than homing-in lasers determined by dice rolls matter! Damn the dynamic events in which your actions actually impact the game world and changes it irrevocably! Damn the awesome art direction, stable and razorsharp responsive engine, the sheer sensemaking design decisions! Damn them!

... You sound like you're trying to convince yourself, darling.

Except there is no trinity. There is no carved-in-stone roles. It is everything but a rehash, though explaining that indepth to you would take a while - and likely be futile. Hopefully, though one could have his/her concerns, you've got some friends asking you to try it out. You'd be surprised.

As it stands, Guild Wars 2 is neither of what you describe. It's B2P, aka Buy2Play. The cash shop is nigh-anonymous and not even a selling point for the game. It's also confirmed to be purely cosmetic, conveying no ingame benefits. Judging from the recent GamesCom convention, the same cannot be said for SWTOR. With EA's pedigree taken into account, it seems highly likely that SWTOR will be far more susceptible to wide-ranging "P2W" initiatives.

Considering they have a Dev Team that has been allowed postponings, creative freedom, support etc, and who communicates vocally with their community with a sincerity that is all but unheard of in the industry... I doubt it. I am fairly positive that it'll have a positive launch and subsequent reign. Far more positive than SWTOR would ever be able to hope to accomplish with its inane design choices, lack of creative vision and risk-taking and blatant disregard for its community.
I thought GW2 was amazing last beta test and I cant get enough of it, everything about it is fresh, and being able to cast w/ no ability delay is a refresher I cant even begin to describe. The guy is mad that GW2 is gonna steal a lot of subs is all. Everything you said here is true.
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