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sorry to hear that your GSF matches recently have been difficult. Just out of curiosity I would like to ask though where in the scorebored you usually are placed.
Since the scoreboard can be roughly translated to your experience in GSF I would have several tips for you.

If you are in the bottom third...

If you are in the middle third...

If you are in the top third...

I hope these tips will help you to get over some of the flaws in GSF that you have pointed out ;D

But generally speaking a good matchmaker would be difficult to make for GSF. The reason is simply that it is severly pilot and ship dependend. Sure you could rank the pilots by a certain category and try to have equally strong groups overall, but you never know for sure which ship the aces and veterans will fly. You can never expect a pilot getting the same amount of kills no matter whether he flies gunship or bomber. This and also the strategy or even just if the pilot has a good or bad day can heavily impact how good they are playing and how good they can carry. This is one problem that the MM has to face.

The other problem is the amount of people. Same times there aren't enough people available that can outbalance aces, veterans or even groups of them. Sure the difference between the groups can always be reduced, but a perfect balance will always be impossible and is heavily dependend on the available weights.

4v4 or 2v2 ranked would be a nice addition though. maybe a smaller map and less satelites. And I would never say no to the devs uphgrading the matchmaker. Heck even a GSF ground PVP comby might be fun xD (like 2 linked matches where capping sth affects the other match).

Seriously though the Devs don't seem to be too interested in GSF so updates will be rare like usual. So I guess finding your way to survive is the way you have to go.
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