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In MMO vernacular, a Pet is an NPC that aids you in combat, either by helping you do damage or by tanking for you. Companions ARE pets in this regard.

Mouse droids are Vanity Pets or Noncombat pets. Difference.

Also, Gunnery Commandos and Arsenal Mercs are the MMO definition of a spellcaster, gun or not. They're ranged, they have a mix of instants, channels, and cast-time spells, they're a spellcaster.

Crowd Control abilities aren't stuns. Stuns are a form of Crowd Control, but most of the time CC is a designation for long-form crowd control used as a pacification tool to remove a mob entirely from combat for a lengthy period of time. Another word used commonly for this is Mez, for the Mesmerize spell employed in Everquest.

Bringing a dead player back to life is a Rez, short for Resurrection, another old spell name.

Nobody cares if you don't like these or not, or how accurate you think they are. Applying real world logic to MMO Jargon doesn't matter.

Without a doubt, the BEST response in this entire thread!! As far as CC goes...Look at it like the difference between Jacuzzi's(Stun) vs hot tubs(Crowd Control). ALL Jacuzzi's are hot tubs, but not all Hot tubs are Jacuzzi's! CC is generally termed for ALL abilities that take an enemy out of consideration.....if only temporarily.
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