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Lets not forget, maybe Tomatoe Scourge is behind all of this . He does want to take the Emprore place (I recall vaguely something about him saying something about a Vision or something.....didnt play the JK class in ages since I cant stand it) . He could've sweet talked the Jeeday into activating the trap..hoping he destroy the body..grab the power for himself...

I mean he doesnt care for the Jeeday . When I played Onslaught, as a jedi..he bail . He doesnt stick around, under the pretense of ''I won't fight my peoples'' (But he was nowhere to be found when they were being used and killed..right, so much caring)
Scourge's vision was about the Hero of Tython defeating Vitiate and taking his power as their own, not Scourge becoming the Emperor.

When reuniting with the JK in his AA after Onslaught, Scourge states that the JK accomplished his vision and exceeded his expectations and then states that when he lost his immortality and his emotions came back, he realised he actually cared about the JK's crew and especially the JK and that he wants to stay by the JK's side to protect them.
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