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Sorry but they made it obvious he is coming back. The issue of his original body has not been dealt with yet. He will be back with a vengeance, and in his full power and glory. I can already feel the pain and dread our player character is in for
Usually, when someone discard their that, because they found better ones .

And when X go back to its original body, they don't go back...regress to their golden years when they were in top shape, max powers and what not . (well unless your name is Madara and you had Kabuto do everything for it to happen )

Usually anyway, when X discard their body, its like a save button. Just in case, a guarantee they can't be killed for good.

Say like Dr.Gero leaving his computer to create CELL .

To me it feel like it was a body (his original one) but it was TRAPPED , and Bozo Jeeday fell into said trap.

Lets not forget, maybe Tomatoe Scourge is behind all of this . He does want to take the Emprore place (I recall vaguely something about him saying something about a Vision or something.....didnt play the JK class in ages since I cant stand it) . He could've sweet talked the Jeeday into activating the trap..hoping he destroy the body..grab the power for himself...

I mean he doesnt care for the Jeeday . When I played Onslaught, as a jedi..he bail . He doesnt stick around, under the pretense of ''I won't fight my peoples'' (But he was nowhere to be found when they were being used and killed..right, so much caring)

Maybe its just the remnant of his power that possess Satele and the others . Some kind of echo of his consciousness .

I think this, cose everytime we killed the body he was hosting..he had to go and recharge and do a ritual .

Why would this be any different ? (Unless BW is really lousy and just want their pet to come back, cose they are out of ideas) .
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