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Seems to work for some and not for others.
It may not even be the reason it works, if it's just random chance you may get lucky when you use the workaround. Unfortunately as this means you've ticked the box on the achievement there's no way of knowing for sure, it just has that feeling of being right

At least it can be completed in [solo] mode
Yeah, solo is the only way to go for the for the SoR prelude of events. HM on the other hand you're forced to group up and this next to blood hunt is one of the harder flashpoints to find players with the skill to do it. It's a shame you have to fight through players who don't listen, rage quit easily after one try among bugs on the list. Anyway i'm glad I have it completed finally after 3 tries. Just gotta get those 6 50s and a couple crew skills, bounty contract event and rakghoul event and im done completely.

All I can say is at least we put a method that is worth a try out there that has worked for me and others.
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