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OK, olagatonjedi, admit it: You are Andryah.

You use the exact same writing style and "logic" as them.
Not sure who that is, but based solely on how you describe him/her, he/she must be fairly intelligent.

Are you actually on the PTS right now? I ask, because I play Swtor since beta and I generally play video games for 4 decades. And I think that this new gearing system is very complicated.
I already answered that I am. On one toon, i used the medpac trick to deck my toon out. On another toon, I chose not to use the tech fragments for gearing and am doing just fine in gear progression doing VM and MM content, and following the "tips" given by the devs on how to gear up more efficiently. The fragments and renown crates are supplemental to increase chances, but by no means needed. It hasnt taken an outrageous amount of playtime either, but perhaps im a little more focused in my activity than some.