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Trixxie, your WoW Classic plugging due to your disappointment in SWTOR and how the devs dealt with very specific issues you encountered is becoming a little tiresome to be honest.

I understand why you are disappointed in SWTOR and decided to cancel your subscription, but you seem to go out of your way now to devalue everything SWTOR by promoting the massiveness of WoW Classic. Let's be real here, the allure of WoW Classic is not because of superior game design via simplicity or making you work for stuff and most certainly not because it is less grindy or offers more content compared to SWTOR - to the contrary - but because it is walking down memory lane with an MMO that shaped an entire generation of gamers when it comes to online gaming.

Blizzard in its confused state of being part of a big stock corporation tries to monetize nostalgia and invested heavily in a massive promotion campaign through very popular streamers in order to keep their subscriber base that is disappointed/burned out with the latest WoW iteration. There is absolutely no wonder why you only need to be subscribed to the current WoW to automatically get access to WoW Classic and I really don't see any valuable insight the devs could get in their approach to SWTOR by looking at WoW Classic and its customer base.
very well said.