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I remember I used to do the planets out of order. The class story missions give you two planets, and I always chose the higher level planet for the challenge. Afterwards, I would do the easy planet (I was over-leveled) to get it done fast. Then when the story progressed, rinse repeat the next 2 planets.

Vanilla was significantly more difficult because levels mattered and companions weren't as effective, particularly if you never geared them. The trick to gearing your companion was to choose one with the same base stat as you (cunning for example) then hand-me-down your old gear as you acquire new pieces. It was easy.

If a mission was "red" difficulty (5 levels above, i think), you were likely to die because most of your attacks would miss unless you had over 110% accuracy. I usually aimed for the "orange" difficulty missions.

I actually had a lot of fun crafting purple gear for my lowbies back when gear mattered. Ahhh the good old crafting days
My companions were always a tad bit undergeared because I was always too lazy to keep grinding planetary comms since back then they were unique to each planet lol. So I burned all I had to keep my character up to date and would use what was left over on my companion so it was a mish mash of ilvl mods lol. Those were the good ole days.

And ya, I miss crafting back then. It actually felt useful while leveling.