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Wish the cauterize icon showed a countdown like others. Tired counting to myself 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, check icon, re apply cauterize.
Ideally someone here could direct me to a good starparse guide to set the timer as so far I desperately failed to set it to track dots
Thankies !
this link gives you an idea of how to use watchmen.

the only diference these days is that master strike (or whatever is called these days) is not 3 secs channeled ability anymore

basicly after u start your rotation, and lower the merciless cooldown to 3 stacks, rotation will always be:

merciless, filler, cauterize, filler, filler, filler - u will always use merciless, then anything then cauterize.this way u can ensure u are reaplying cauterize, and dont overlap it, nor let it pass. try to replicate any of these rotations and u should be ok.
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